Knuckleheads Gray Boy's Baby Visor Beanie Hat with Stripes Detail


Color: Black

Gray Cable Knit
Gray Stripe
Black Fold-up
Grey Fold-up
Pom Pom
Red Fold-up
Black Cable Knit
Black Rib

Size: XS( 6-12 months)

XS( 6-12 months)
XS (6-18 Months)
XS (0-18 months)
XS ( 6-12 months )
S ( 12-24 months)
S (12-24 months)
S( 1-2Years)
Small-Medium ( 12-24 months)
M (2-3 T)
M/L (3 and up)
L ( 3 years up)
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L (3 and up)
SM (1-2 yrs)
12-18 Months
SM ( 12-24 months)
SM ( 18 months -3 yrs)
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Knuckleheads - Gray Boy's Baby Visor Beanie Hat with Stripes Detail

This visor cable knit beanie hat for toddlers is perfect for your kid! It's practical, keeping your little one's ears and head covered and protected from the cold.
It's also stylish and it brings out the personality of your kid while upgrading it's outfit.
A great photoshoot prop and a must-have item in your wardrobe!

About Knuckleheads

In a market that is notoriously limited for boys clothing, Knuckleheads has created a line that moms and kids will love and dads will envy.
Founded in 2004, Born To Love ClothingKnuckleheadscaters to parents who are looking for premium fashion clothing for their babies, toddlers or young kids.
We focus on high-quality designs, unique styles and amazing customer service.

Make sure you check back often for more styles and colours by Knuckleheads.
Product Info

Black, Gray Cable Knit, Pink, Gray, Gray Stripe, Tan, Black Fold-up, Grey Fold-up, Pom Pom, Red Fold-up, Black Cable Knit, Black Rib


XS( 6-12 months), XS (6-18 Months), XS (0-18 months), XS ( 6-12 months ), X-Small, S ( 12-24 months), S (12-24 months), S( 1-2Years), Small, Small-Medium ( 12-24 months), M (2-3 T), M/L (3 and up), M/L(3-7), Medium, L ( 3 years up), L ( 3 yrs and up), L (3 and up), Large, SM (1-2 yrs), 12-18 Months, SM ( 12-24 months), SM ( 18 months -3 yrs)